Book Lover? Welcome to The Neverending TBR!

A “TBR” is a To Be Read pile. These are the books that you are hoping to read soon. For some of us, the pile becomes two piles or a book shelf – or a book case! And because publishers release more books every week, the idea of finishing a TBR is laughable – at least for book fanatics¬†like me.

My hope is that The Neverending TBR will be a place you can come to find out about a book or two that you would love to read. Maybe you will find a book you would like to share with someone you love. I want to help you build – or grow – your personal TBR list so you never run out of things to read.

Here, you’ll find book reviews, spelling out what I’ve thought about some of the books I have read. You can check out my “About” page to find out more about what sorts of books I’ll be reviewing and what my review policies are.

Book News Bulletin Board


When I was an elementary school librarian, one of my favorite features in my room was the “Book News” bulletin board. This was where I would post the release dates of books I thought my students would enjoy. I wanted a blog that would do that too. So here, you will find a page called “Book News” with release dates for books for kids, teens and adults that I am excited about.

I hope you’ll look around, stay awhile, and maybe add a title or two to your own TBR!

~ Jaymie