Hi! My name is Jaymie, and I am obsessed with books and reading!

My book obsession started early, when I taught myself to read the book Bears in the Night by Stan Berenstain. The obsession grew as I read every Bobbsey Twins mystery, Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden I could get my hands on. The library was a sanctuary for me when I didn’t want to do something else.

Bears in the Night
The first book I read by myself!


I didn’t get to do as much reading in high school and college as I would have liked, other than required reading for my classes. When I finished graduate school, the first thing I wanted to do was read something just for me! That’s when I discovered cozy mysteries. Those are mysteries that don’t include a lot of blood/gore, and usually star an amateur sleuth. In cozies, the focus tends to be on solving the whodunnit puzzle rather than building high tension and suspense). I couldn’t get enough of cozies then, and I still love them today!

Having a son and two nieces, I started reading children’s literature. I fell in love! A friend recently told me that middle grade books (older elementary/middle school) were my “sweet spot,” and she’s right. I love books for that age range, but also things for younger kids and older teens. That’s probably why my favorite job ever was as an elementary school librarian. I loved reading the books and putting them in the hands of students who grew to love them too!

I’m not teaching right now, and I needed an outlet for my book obsession, so I decide to blog again (my previous book blog was Bring on the Books) and engage with a community of other readers! My mission with The Neverending TBR is to connect readers with books so they never have to wonder what to read next. I hope you find some good recommendations here – and I hope you’ll share your recommendations with me!