Review Guidelines


In general, I post reviews of books I read and enjoyed. As a teacher/librarian, I told students all the time, “Not every book works for every reader.” If I try something and it doesn’t click, I don’t want to post a negative review that might dissuade the right reader from trying it out.

The only time I’ll post a negative review is if I feel it’s a “Buyer Beware” situation (like a “mystery” where there’s no actual mystery) or if I have promised an honest review in exchange for a review copy of a book, and I didn’t care for the book.

What I Read

I would love to be the sort of reader who reads everything and anything, but I am not. I am comfortable passing on a book that just isn’t clicking for me, or if the summary doesn’t grab my attention. Here are some guidelines about my reading habits:

I will almost always read: picture books (fiction or nonfiction), early/transitional chapter books, middle grade books, “clean” YA (like Ally Carter), and adult cozy mysteries.

I will almost never read: horror, history, business, erotica, biographies, and books that in general will be at odds with my faith in Jesus Christ.

I will rarely read: self-published materials unless I already have a relationship/knowledge of the author’s work.

In between those general guidelines, it depends on the story. I read some fantasy and science fiction, YA, Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction (generally personal growth, or Bible study), and the occasional historic fiction. I prefer stories – no matter what genre – where there is a puzzle to solve, something to discover/uncover, a major issue to overcome or a race against the clock. I also usually prefer genre fiction to literary fiction. Stories with long, lush descriptions or that explore nuggets of story in beautiful, extended detail are less of a good fit for me as a reader.

For Authors and Publishers

I will happily accept offers of review copies under two conditions:

a) I am interested in reading the story. Authors and publishers share review copies in order to develop raving fans and to get those fans sharing their book with the world. I want you to have the best opportunity of finding a raving fan. Please check “What I Read” above to be sure your book and my reading interests are a good match.

b) I have the time to read the book and post a review within a reasonable time – whether that’s 2-3 weeks from receipt, which is my goal, or by a date designated in the request. I don’t want your book to get lost in the shuffle! You have worked a long time to bring it to life; I don’t want to hamper that process. I accept physical ARCs, and I’m also on Netgalley. *I am backlogged with reviews into the summer of 2018, so I am not currently accepting requests except from publishers and authors with whom I already have a relationship.*

I hope these guidelines will help you build a connection with The Neverending TBR that helps you get the word out about your book!

I am willing to host blog tours or other book-related or reading-related events on the blog. Please just send me a request and we’ll see what we can work out. I prefer to do events for either books I have already read and enjoyed or authors I have already read and liked, even if I haven’t read this particular book. That makes it easier for me to get other folks excited about your work.

If you aren’t looking for a review, but you would like your book added to the “Book News” release calendar, please send a request with information on the book and I’ll see what I can do.