REVIEW: Darkness of Dragons by Tui T. Sutherland


Darkstalker is everything Qibli feared. Only an animus-spelled earring keeps him safe from Darkstalker’s manipulative magic. Winter accepts Darkstalker’s charm at face value. Moon is Darkstalker’s friend.  Turtle is in Darkstalker’s dungeon, and Kinkajou is protected but can’t stop Darkstalker alone.

How can dragonets with no magic defeat the invulnerable Darkstalker? If only Qibli had magic! He would do the magic the right way. He’d protect Queen Thorn and be so successful his family would HAVE to love him. He could even use his magic to make sure other dragons liked him.

With the Nightwings growing more powerful because of Darkstalker’s magic, the Jade Mountain dragonets may be powerless to stop the coming destruction. Can Qibli get the magic he’s sure would save the day? Or is he destined to play a different role in this prophecy?


This is book 5 in the second set of books in the Wings of Fire series – and it is terrific! I LOVED Qibli’s story. It made me appreciate his character even more than I did from the first four books in the set. Qibli’s story is one of identity – a theme I love. Qibli is longing to make a difference – to prove to his family that he has value. The love of his friends and his queen is not enough to fill the hole inside him. This leads to all of his internal wrestling over magic.

There’s a ton of action in this story with Qibli’s backstory, Turtle’s rescue, and the prophecy finale. All of it is fascinating. The author has announced another five book set, which will pick up where this one left off. I am thrilled! I still remember when I first discovered this series, and it has gotten better with each subsequent book!

There were interesting tidbits in the epilogue regarding the five main dragons from this series as well as some of the other major characters. A satisfying conclusion to this story arc. There’s a new graphic novel of the first book in the whole series – The Dragonet Prophecy. I highly recommend this series for middle grade readers!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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