BOOK NEWS: January 9, 2018

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live it has been brutally cold. Perfect weather for staying in and reading. Here are some of the new books releasing this week:

Books for Kids


Grandma’s Purse – Adorable-looking book celebrating the magic of grandmothers and the treasures they keep in their purses.
Klondike, Do not Eat Those Cupcakes – Klondike the seal can’t stop thinking about the cupcakes for his sister’s birthday party. No matter how hard the narrator tries to distract him, Klondike gives in to temptation. What will happen now that there are no cupcakes for the party? This also looks adorable! Covers like this get my attention every time.
Mae Among the Stars – Picture book biography of Mae Jemison, astronaut.
The New LiBEARian – Story time at the library takes a fun twist when there’s a bear at the librarian’s desk. This sounds terrific!
Write to Me: Letters from Japanese-American Children to the Librarian They Left Behind – Children sent to internment camps after Pearl Harbor send letters to their librarian while they are gone. This looks like a great way to introduce this part of American History to children. I’d love to read this one!
Abigail Adams, Pirate of the Caribbean – Book 2 in the Mixed-Up History series where historical characters take a break from their lives to try a new adventure. These sound fantastic! Targeted to readers in the lower elementary grades who are starting to explore chapter books.
Dog Diaries: Susan – Book 12 in this series looks at Queen Elizabeth II’s corgi, Susan. I haven’t read the books in this series, but this particular one sounds fascinating!

Books for Older Kids/Teens/Young Adults

All Three Stooges – The friendship between two comedy-loving boys is threatened when one loses his father and starts to withdraw.
The Case of the Perilous Palace – Book 4 in the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency series. I read the first book in this mystery/history/science fiction series and loved it. I would like to catch up on it some time. This final book in the series has the girls breaking into Kensington Palace to find the princess’ missing sketch book/diary. This one sounds terrific!
Harley Quinn at Super Hero High – Book 5 in the Super Hero High series, Harley investigates a carnival that comes to town where things aren’t quite what they seem. I’m looking forward to this addition to a fun middle grade series.
The Terrible Two Go Wild – Book 3 in this fantastic series about two pranksters. In this book, the boys are targeted by a group of bullies. My students and I thoroughly enjoyed the previous two books in the series. I’m eager to read this next installation.
Nice Try, Jane Sinner – A struggling girl who gets expelled from high school enrolls in a completion program at the local community college and goes on a student-run reality show so she can move out of her house. This has been getting a LOT of positive buzz already. I’ve already requested it from the library.
A Taxonomy of Love – This covers the ups and downs of friendship between a boy with Tourette’s and the girl who moves into the neighborhood and becomes his best friend. I’ll be reviewing this one later this week.
Unearthed – Two teens stow away to an ancient planet to pursue their own goals and discover alien secrets. Dystopian science fiction fans should check this one out. I know I will be!

Books for Adults

Deadly Summer – Book 1 in the Darling Investigations series about a former TV child-star who tries to revive her career with a reality TV show where she tries to solve local crimes. When she stumbles across a very real murder, things change quickly. This sounds terrific!
A Meddle of Wizards – Book 1 in the Fledgling Magic series about a sick young woman who is whisked away to a mysterious land to fight a wizard. This sounds completely quirky – and right up my alley!
The Questionable Behavior of Dahlia Moss – Book 3 in the Dahlia Moss Mystery series. Talk about quirky! I’m not even sure how to summarize the stories in this geeky mystery series, but I do know that I have book one high on my library list! I hope to dig into this series soon.
Star Trek Boldly Go Vol 2 – I adore this comic book series. If you are a fan of Star Trek, especially the new cast, consider checking out this graphic novel series. I never miss an issue! This particular collection focuses on a diplomatic murder and a group of Starfleet cadets.
Girl Positive: How Girls Are Shaping a New World – Stories of young women making a difference! Both a celebration of what is happening today as well as advice and information for readers as they consider their own place in the world.
Trade Your Cares for Calm – The latest from Max Lucado in his series of materials about anxiety.

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